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Environmental Impact of Cars

environmental impact of cars

The environmental impact of cars in today’s world is quite large. Globally, about 15 percent of manmade carbon dioxide comes from cars, trucks, aeroplanes, ships and other vehicles.

Cars consume a lot of energy before they ever make it to the open road. Automotive production leaves a giant footprint because materials like steel, rubber, glass, plastics, paints, and many more must be created before a new ride is ready to roll.

Similarly, the end of a car’s life doesn’t mark the end of its environmental impact. Plastics, toxic battery acids, and other products may stay in the environment. Fortunately, junkyard pile-ups are becoming much smaller than they were in the past. About three-quarters of today’s average car, including the bulk of a steel frame, can be recycled.

By recycling your car at Scrappy’s Car removal you can be sure that your car will be taken care of and recycled in a way which is beneficial to the environment. Many parts of the car can be pulled apart and recycled or re-melted for the creation of new products.

If you need to recycle your car, contact us for a quote.

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