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Car Battery Recycling

Sooner or later, your car battery is going to fail, and it’s not as easy as throwing them in your regular rubbish bin at home or dumping them on the side of the curb, in hope someone else with deal with it. Council pickup have a list of items they refuse to take as well which includes paint tins, gas cylinders and old batteries. This is because the chemicals in these items either pose a hazard to workers (explosions etc) or have chemicals that can leech into the water table from landfill and severly pollute the environment.

You need to make sure that you dispose of your recyclable was of correctly by taking your old car batteries to a scrap and recycling yard.

About Car Batteries

Used car batteries and other lead acid batteries contain lead, lead compounds, and/or sulphuric acid, all of which are hazardous. Seventy thousand tonnes of lead-acid batteries are finished with each year, and they are 98% recyclable.

Importance of Recycling Car Batteries

  • Each car battery contains around 2-3 litres of sulfuric acid, as well as lead, and lead compounds, all of which are toxic.
  • Car batteries can be re-conditioned or recycled into new products made from the lead, sulphuric acid and polypropylene. Recycling of these batteries uses less energy than refining primary ore and removes lead from the environment.
  • Car Batteries can be recycled into a range of products from plant pots, to laundry detergents and new batteries.

What Happens When It’s Recycled?

Approximately 96 percent of the various components of lead acid batteries are recoverable. The lead plates are restored back to new battery standards, the hard plastic casing can be melted and extruded to produce plastic pellets and the acid is neutralised and discharged.

Check out our battery recycling page for full details on how batteries are recycled. Scrappy Metal recycling will accept all car batteries, and offer a pick up service.

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